Will the iconic Mustang be electrified?

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Will the iconic Mustang be electrified?

Ford Mustang Mach-E

Could the iconic Mustang be joining the revolution of electric cars? The answer, YES! On November 17th ford will be announcing the official Mustang Mach E debut where it will be displayed at the L.A Auto Show later in the week. While currently, it is all speculation and rumors some of the write-ups make the anticipation almost unbearable. Ford is no stranger to market trends labeled “People Pleasers” can we expect Ford to capitalize on the booming crossover and SUV industry, almost certainly. While ford already has an extensive range of crossovers and SUVs how likely are we to be seeing the mustang one of them?

Car enthusiasts and people alike have provided some pretty intriguing renders of what we could expect the new Mach E to look like. Comparison in sizes suggest that the new Mach E will follow suit in the Edge sizing, have a larger frontal overhang and a shorter rear overhang while the interior boasts a huge display some would say just like those of the Tesla while other renders suggest a much tidier interior with smaller sleek displays. We can expect to see the Mach E equipped with with all the top gadgets and gizmos such as ApplePlay Android Auto, Fully Reclining Electric Heated Seats, and much much more. 

Will the Mach E have an autonomous element? This is an exciting prospect for a die-hard fordie. Would ford even consider adding such a feature to such an iconic car, would it even be used? After-all the mustang is a car for thrills and joys… Unless we have an AI system that can throw us around the track while managing all aspects of the car handling we have yet to see any indication this has even been thought about. 

Some pricing structures would suggest the limited “First Edition” to be priced at around $45k while the GT top edition would almost certainly set you back around $61k. For your money, you can expect an all-electric powertrain with a maximum range of around 300 miles if paired with the optional expanded battery along with rear-wheel-drive. If you prefer the 4 wheel experience you can almost certainly expect to lose around 10% of the battery capacity.

In terms of output, the fully electric drivetrain is thought to have at least 255 hp while higher-spec models reach a heart-pounding 333 hp with the ability to reach 0-6 in just 4 seconds! 

That being said… we will wait for the reveal tomorrow. 




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