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Good Evening All ūüėä

You will have seen some dramatic changes lately regarding ThatDailyFord including the new arrival of ThatDailyHatch. I am sure many of you are already aware the reasons of how Hatch came about. 
Hatch is aimed at the car community as a whole and not to solely focus on one area of the community. Ford started as a novelty and quickly became a success and the efforts of our reps and people that helped out did not go unnoticed. This is why we are now able to expand even further and are able to offer you all some very juicy discounts and offers!

Lets start with the good stuff...

You can now grab yourself a Front / Side illustration for just £8 via our exclusive partnership with EditedMedia (this offer is only available through us and we are subsiding the discount for you, you will not be able to get this directly through EditedMedia himself, if you are wanting a illustration please contact either Katie or Matthew and they will arrange for that to happen).
Discount codes - we are in the process of re-introducing discount codes for you, your friends and family. Throughout the next few weeks you will see various new products being listed, such as photo slates where you can upload any picture! We are also currently working on a rep only pricing list so keep your eyes peeled. 

On the agenda...

ADD - Automotive Detailing Direct

Design - Our new store

Discount Codes - Rep Pricing List

Halloween Meet...

We are hosting a seasonal meet towards the south of england, the location is yet to be announced and we are dealing with this as a matter of urgency. On the evening we plan to have a gazebo there where we will have some gruesome activities to be getting involved in; this will be a great opportunity to get involved in and for us to meet our reps once again and bring the team together! More information soon to follow about soon. 


As mentioned above Design is our new Store and will become the front of the website, this is where all merchandise for all clubs will be held and made available. We will be offering the chance to win custom projects such as a hoodies to match your car, a free photo shoots, some stickers, free cups etc all exclusively to our dedicated reps; both Ford and Hatch.